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What is your full name? Amanda Marie MacDonald When is your birthday?… - Do I Have To? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 4th, 2005|06:43 pm]
[ i be feeling |pissed offpissed off]
[i be listening to |the song " sweetheart" that plays on my phone when it rings]

What is your full name? Amanda Marie MacDonald
When is your birthday? July 11th, 1988
Where do you live? Poulsbo, WA
Where were you born? Harison Hospital in Bremerton, WA
What color is your hair? dark brown
What color are your eyes? hazel
How tall are you? 5'4"
Do you have any siblings? 1 brother
What is your favorite color? orange
What religion are you? lutheran
What are your favorite boy names?
What are your favorite girl names?
What is you favorite food? french fries
Are you a vegetarian? yeah, with the exception of chicken
What is your favorite ice cream flavor? vanilla bean
Do you smoke? no
Do you do drugs? no
Have you ever been in love? no
Do you play an instrument? yes
What instrument would you like to learn? accordian, french horn, and guitar
What are your favorite music groups? green day, yellowcard, maroon 5, 3 doors down
What's your favorite type of music? rock
What are your favorite songs? i dunno
What's your favorite album? uh..... to many
Would you rather talk to someone, or write to them? talk
Do you like talking on the phone? not realy
Do you play any sports? no
What is your favorite sport to watch? basketball
Do you have your own room? hell yeah
What are you the most worried about right now? taking the SAT
Do you sleep with a night light? no... i hate light at night
Do you work? no... i wish
Sunset or Sunrise? sunset
Pen or Pencil? pen
What was your most embarrassing moment? uh... falling down in a resturant cuz my foot was asleep
What was your scariest moment? being home alone in teh dark
What was the best gift you ever got from another human being? ... i have no clue
When did you get in the most trouble? dunno
When were your parents the most angry? when i said a bad word when i was little
When did you have the most fun? the other day at state
When were you the most sad? i dunno
Do you like Rugrats? yeah
Do you like Telletubbies? nope
Who's your favorite actor? Bryan Greenberg
Who's your favorite actress? dunno
What kind of clothes do you like to wear? comfty ones
What are your favorite brands to wear? billabong
Do you wear much jewelry? nope
If you could visit any place in the world, where would you go? italy
Do you prefer silver or gold? silver
What's your favorite vacation spot? Hawaii
How long to you spend in the shower? like half an hour
Do you want to get married? yeah, someday
When was the last time you cried? i dunno
Have you ever met a celebrity? um, yeah, i met Heart at layne staley's memorial service thingy.
Have you ever been in a car wreck? yeah, 2 but i never was driving and it never was my family's fault
Have you ever broken the law? uh, yeah.