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so,dinner with jen and philip morris went ok...i guess. it was all… - Do I Have To? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 2nd, 2005|06:38 pm]
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[i be listening to |the way you look tonight]

so,dinner with jen and philip morris went ok...i guess. it was all good cuz i didn't have to pay. and well, the dance was totally awesome...for the most part. yeah, zach knows all about why it wasn't. and i guess i was just like really kinda jealous. i didn't mean half the stuff i was saying about them. and i'm glad we are just friends.yeah anywayz, different part about prom... um well, i'd say the best dressed would have to be the king of the court, jacob hansen. he had a blackish t-shirt,cords, and a black tie.it was awesome. it was also kinda weird cuz we were talking about the dance and he actually commented on the decorations and how good it looked. um,the court...the king: jacob hansen, the queen: ashley poeter, prince: philip kurbis, princess: shannon strege, duke: daniel gentele , and dutchess: mallory daniels. pretty much all the songs were fast, only like 7 slow ones. for the slow ones i danced one with jesse,one with zach, and one with colin(who in my opinion is prettty hott.) the others songs i just went to get food or something. yeah then i gotta ride home with the dj,after we took down stuff and it was kinda scary when everything was down and you saw all the dead animals staring at you from every corner of the room. anywayz, i gotta get going to do my history and stuff.