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SECTi0N>1: ABOUT YOU_ +` name: Amanda +` gender: female +` height:… - Do I Have To? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Feb. 26th, 2005|10:36 am]
[ i be feeling |hungryhungry]

+` name: Amanda
+` gender: female
+` height: 5'4.5’’
+` hair color: dark brown
+` eye color: hazel
+` location: Washington
+` fears: spiders, being alone in the dark
+` cheated on someone: nope
+` fallen off the bed: uh, maybe once or twice when i was little
+` fallen for a relative: hahaha, um, well my 5th cousin looks kinda like ashton kutcher... so um....yeah
+` had plastic surgery: nah
+` broke someones heart: i dunno
+` had your heart broken: yup
+` done something you regret: yeah
+` cheated on a test: yea
+` broken a body part: nope

+` wearing: jeans and my black tank top
+` listening to: kiss 106.1
+` chewing: on my tounge
+` feeling: sleepy
+` located: in my room
+` chatting with: no one
+` watching: the perfect score
+` should really be: hanging out with people, going to the girls basketball game or test driving that cute little honda acord at uncle bri's work!!

SECTi0N>4: D0 Y0U_
+` brush your teeth: yes
+` like anybody: yeah
+` have any piercings: yes, 1 in each ear
+` drive: um, yeah but don't have my lisince yet
+` believe in santa: no
+` ever get off the pc: yeah, sometimes, but i usually do homework on it....so

+` talked to on the phone: Aunt
+` yelled at: my dad
+` fell in love with: no one
+` tripped: haha, uh, corey dryden by accident. it was quite funny tho

+` what do you want to be when you grow up: not sure
+` what was the worst day of your life: dunno
+` most embarrassing story: falling on the floor in a resturant cuz my foot was asleep at the time
+` the best day of your life: no clue
+` what comes first in your life: friends and family
+` if you had an extra set of eyes, where would u put them: bottom of my feet
+` what do you usually think about before you go to bed: a certain someone or how awesome it would be to have a car

+` movie: anything with bryan greenberg in it
+` song: "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" - Blink-182
+` store: Pac Sun, Target

+` relative: Aunt Cindy
+` sport: basketball
+` vacation spot: Hawaii
+` ice cream flavor: Ben and Jerry's "Phish Food"
+` fruit: orange and raspberrys
+` candy: those really good lind... something chocolates
+` holiday: Christmas
+` day of the week: Friday
+` colors: hot pink, black, and blue

SECTi0N>9: D0 Y0U_
+` like to give hugs: maybe
+` like to walk in the rain: yes
+` sleep with or without clothes on: with
+` blue or black pens: black
+` dress up for halloween: sure
+` have a job: no
+` like to travel: yes
+` sleep on side, stomach, or back: uh, all of em
+` want to marry: one day, sure, why not
+` have a goldfish: no
+` have stuffed animals: um, yeah
+` go on vacation: yup, sometimes

+` abortion: it’s wrong and looks painful
+` bill clinton: hate him
+` suicide: dumb
+` tattoos: alright
+` piercings: some awesome, some aren’t

+` pierced nose or tongue: nose
+` be serious or funny: funny
+` single or taken: either
+` simple or complicated: simple
+` law or action: action
+` mtv or bet: mtv
+` 7th heaven or dawson's creek: dawsons creek
+` sugar or salt: sugar
+` silver or gold: silver
+` tongue or belly button ring: neither
+` chocolate or flowers: Both even tho i can't have chocolate
+` angels or miracles: angels
+` color or black&white photos: black & white
+` sunrise or sunset: sunset
+` m&ms or skittles: skittles
+` rap or rock: rock
+` stay up late or sleep: up late
+` tv or radio: both
+` sun or moon: both
+` diamond or ruby: diamond
+` left or right: right
+` 10 acquaintances or one best friend: one best friend
+` vanilla or chocolate: vanilla
+` kids or no kids: kids
+` cat or dog: dog
+` mustard or ketchup: neither
+` spring or fall: spring
+` give or receive: give
+` rain or snow: snow
+` happy or sad: happy
+` corduroy or plaid: plaid
+` wonder or amazement: amazement
+` sneakers or sandals: sneakers
+` duct tape or scotch tape: duct tape
+` candy or soda: neither
+` a house in the woods or the city: city

+` does anyone like you that you know of: maybe
+` do you like them too?: yea
+` are you in a relationship now?: no