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Wow!!!!! that game was soooooooo awesome....yeah so maybe we lost by… - Do I Have To? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Feb. 26th, 2005|12:22 am]
[ i be feeling |happyhappy]

Wow!!!!! that game was soooooooo awesome....yeah so maybe we lost by 10 but it would have been by 13 if Scotty hadn't made that last three with like three seconds left in the game. Plus the refs were really blind and stuff and that one guy was pushing our guyz arround all the time for no reason whatsoever. It's too bad Nate didn't make that one shot from half court at the end of the third quarter.that would have been awesome.and philip fowled out a little tooo early. plus there shots were kinda off, i think they put up more then Clallum Bay did. and on top of all that, Andrew had the flu and was being subed out every few minutes.us fans were sooooo loud tho,it was great.some even ended up making some more cheers and distractions durring defense.i think i might even have like no voice tomorrow, and after state, man is that gunna be a killer, oh well. one of the bad things, which really bugged me tho was that the other people's fans started stealing our cheers.that really flips my lid. well, after the game we stopped at my uncle's work,well at the parr used car lot and checked out this sweet 2004 honda accord with a sun roof, cd player, leather seats, awesome spoiler, and yeah, it was a coupe. the only bad thing is that it is manual, and i don't think i could drive that.but we might test drive that and this even cooler black mitsubishi eclipse spyder GTS 2 door convertible. it's an automatic.... but i think it's at the other Parr lot :( well, i should be heading to bed now gotta get up in time to watch the sportz blitz tamarra. ttyl